Leveraging Micro-moments to drive engagement and boost Player Lifetime Value


Leverage your data to provide highly personalised and relevant micro-moments that thrill your players and increase retention.

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The Ultimate SB&G eBook: Leveraging Micro-moments to Drive Engagement and Boost Player Lifetime Value

Winning customers in the first place for SBG operators is the easy part. 60% of players stop using an app one month after downloading it, so there are plenty of players looking for a new sportsbook on a consistent basis.

However once you get them, you need to know how to keep them.

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the power of micro-moments when it comes to providing your players with the ultimate betting experience and its effect on retention for your business.

Download this playbook to learn:
The current challenges of the SBG landscape
What players are looking for
The power of memorable moments when it comes to human behaviour
What a micro-moment is and how to create them for SBG players
How to leverage your data to make them personalised and relevant