The multichannel playbook for the retail banking industry

How to stay relevant, deliver customer-centric experiences and fight back against the challenger banks

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Guide: The multichannel playbook for the retail banking industry

Your bank can roll out big multichannel use cases and start achieving tangible results in just 3 months. We know because we’ve helped others do it.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide; to demystify multichannel campaigns and show you what’s possible. Everything in it is based on our practical experience of working with tier one financial institutions around the world. It contains actionable advice that will improve your engagement rates and add value to your customers’ experiences.

It looks in-depth at a number of industry-specific use cases designed to help you acquire, engage and retain your customers across every device and channel.

How to create frictionless onboarding experiences within your app
How to increase your number of monthly active app users and maximise ROI
How to improve engagement rates on every channel
How to use pop-ups and web pushes to drive business goals
How to match the neo banks and provide exceptional customer experiences on mobile
How to re-engage partial online applicants and increase your loan book
How to use location-technology to promote ForEx messages and combat card fraud